About us

Everything we do contains parts of playfulness

Tankbar is one of the first web agencies in Sweden, we’ve been up and running since 1996! Today we’re an all covering digital agency.

Employees with a large spectrum of competencies

Tankbar consists of about 20 co-workers, who together have much knowledge, on the width and the depth. Among the competencies, there are marketing strategics, developers, art directors, photographers, social media managers and SEO / SEM specialists. The agency offers a 360 perspective of services and resources. You can get help with anything within digital marketing among other chosen services.

Markets and customers

Tankbar’s main market is in Nyköping and Stockholm, but we also have customer all across Sweden and even a couple abroad, including the other nordic countries. On the long list of customers there are smaller companies, some that you may have heard about and a couple of huge ones with an international market. A large swedish company that we have worked with is svenska möten, they organize conferences and are one of the country’s biggest companies in that industry. We have been working together for a long time and our cooperation has been going on since the year we were founded, 1996.

Follow us on social media

We fill our social media with a variety of things, such as lunches together with all the co-workers, news regarding the agency, like new cooperations. We also post happy birthday posts to all of our co-workers with a caption of their job here at Tankbar. A follow would be very appreciated!


Tankbar’s effect on sociey

Our effect on society (CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility) is an important question to us at Tankbar. How do we affect society economically, socially and how do we affect the environment?

Financial responsibility

The number one thing for Tankbar is of course that it’s profitable. If we aren’t then what we’re doing isn’t long term and we can’t contribute to an improved society. We’ve been in business since 1996 and have the highest credibility possible (AAA). Second hand it the ethic of our affairs – internally as well as externally depending on the providers we choose.

At Tankbar we have high expectations and requirements on our working environment. We want happy and well being workers that last long in the business that we’re in. Everybody wins on that, us as a company, our workers as individuals and society for having their people feeling better.

We’re very careful with the providers of the products that we buy. It’s very important to us that the workers are under fair contracts and conditions.

Medarbetare i en trevlig fikamiljö utomhus

Social responsibility

Internally, it’s all about our coworkers having a good environment to work in, not only physically but also physiologically. We also like to have a healthy balance on ages, religions, ethnicities and genders.

The external social responsibility that we take is not discriminating customers for any reasons. We also make sure to hire people from discriminated groups of society or have a hard time getting a job.

We also decide to sponsor a new charity every year. At the moment, we’re working with the un-political company Bloom. The people at Bloom work for people in tougher situations, with their main focus being on children, teenagers and single parents. We also support Nyköping in the fight against cancer. Instead of buying christmas gifts, we donate money to rädda barnen. A charity that works for a cure for cancer.

Multiple times in the past, we’ve hired people who have been unemployed for a long period of time and are recovering from being burned out. To slowly but surely get them back to work is something we’ve been able to witness successfully on multiple occasions.

Responsibility for the environment

Tankbar is a communicative agency with digital focus. In that, there is a huge potential for us and our customers. We are very fond of digital marketing and against traditional printing. Something that affects the environment and requires a lot of resources in the long run. The transportation and distribution also negatively affects the environment.

At Tankbar, we want to work on a sustainable environment long term, both internally and externally. We want to use natural resources as effectively and as sustainable as possible. Environment friendly material and resources are something that we want to use as much as we can, we also recycle as much as possible. Wanting to positively affect the environment, has lead to us getting a charging pole by the parking. The pole consists of two chargers and two electric cars can now charge just outside our main facility. If you visit us with your electronic car, we will let you charge it there for free during the time of our meeting. We make sure to follow the initiative that Naturvårdsverket have taken, it’s called klimatklivet.

På Tankbar erbjuder vi laddstolpe med två laddare för våra kunder

What’s going on at the office today?

Our door is always open just in case you want to swing by for a coffee or have a meeting planned. Are you far away from us but still want to pay a visit? Make a digital one through our cameras put up at plenty of places in the office. The screen below show what’s going on here in real time.