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Do you want to be a part of Tankbar? Contribute to our customers reaching their goals. To together with us create digital magic. We’re always on the lookout for more stars!

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Working at Tankbar

We’re a united group that truly loves their job. All co-workers contribute with energy and happiness, they also get plenty of it in return. We have a very relaxed atmosphere even though it sometimes can get stressful, for example when we’re approaching deadlines. And even then the love for our job and us as a group strives. We want dedicated co-workers that love to constantly get better and advance in their work. Creativity and generosity are also things that we search for in our co-workers. It’s important for us to find creative and innovative solutions to problems and sharing knowledge with your co-workers. We want to put the team in front of the individual. Of course, we are very aware that we live in a changing world and we quickly adapt to those changes once they have happened. We unite the love for the web with a feel for affairs.

Practice or internship?

Send an application and tell us what you want out of your work, when you want to work and what you expect out of us!

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Send an application!

If none of our current needs fit you, you can write an application and motivate why we miss you in our work and how we would be able to work together. We appreciate dedication and even if we don’t feel now is the right time to hire you, we will have you in consideration for the future.

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What you can expect as a co-worker at Tankbar

You will get a computer and phone of choice. Of course, we will pay your occupational pension. We will also pay for parts of your gym deposits and offer you training during your shift. You’re properly insured and have an annual plan for education and advancing in your work. We do love to work, but 40 hours a week is enough for full-time payment. Working overtime is something that we try to avoid as much as possible, and if you do work overtime you will get compensation in your salary or the possibility of taking that time off in the future.

You get to work with different customers in different exciting industries. We will test your skills and make sure that you’re constantly progressing. On our knowledge base, you will find all of the practical information necessary. We work in a strategic environment. There is a ping pong table in our office, followed by a patio and a cinema. The unity that we have at Tankbar is something extraordinary, you are bound to get co-workers in world class and friends for life by working here.