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We believe that the best results are achieved through a mix of long term strategies, quick decisions , a high level of service and happy collaborations. That’s how we have been working since 1996, here are some of our latest projects.

Nöjesresor hit Tankbar up because they were in a technical solution that was no longer developing. They asked for new, modern payment methods. The reason being the fact that their staff had to spend way too much time on manual work in that aspect.

Woocommerce, API, Adwords and social media

The prestigious Grand Hotel Saltsjöbaden, founded by the Wallenberg family more than a century ago, is investing in renewal. New CEO Katarina Romell chose Tankbar as the agency for the hotel’s new site. The assignment included design, copywriting and development.


New sites for two hotels in the middle of Stockholm’s inner city. This was the case when Tankbar renewed Freys Hotels and Lilla Rådmannens sites in close cooperation with the hotels. The project became efficient, fun and fast-paced.

Design, SEO, Copy, Web development, WordPress
Cyklos develops and sells parking lots for bikes alongside other public products such as bicycle stands. Our task was to lift their site to a more well worked solution with clear conversion goals.
WooCommerce, Design and API

Skavsta needed help and wanted to structure their site to make it more clear, perspicuous, easy to navigate and accessible. The site needs to have technical detailed information about the airport for other companies and working partners. That while still being selling and graphically speaking to travelers. Not only that, but they also needed a presentation of all of their destinations in order to inspire casual travelers.

WordPress, API, AdWords and photo

ID06 can be used in many different ways and over 70 000 companies have contacted them since the start. Our collaboration with ID06 began during the fall of 2017 and the bases of our work was done by march of 2018.

Graphic manual and WordPress