WordPress for everybody

In the past, we had to motivate our customers to choose WordPress. Nowadays, every customer has the same wish - WordPress. The world’s biggest CMS has gotten used so much that it has become an obvious choice. But who can put the lego-pieces of WordPress together correctly? Let us show you how we work.

En tredjedel av världens sajter byggs på Wordpress

30% of all sites on the internet is powered by WordPress.

The first version of WordPress was published in May 2003, about sixteen years ago. That was something that would grow to change the internet forever. The creator of the engine is called Matt Mullenweg. Matt is still active in the company Automattic, which is the company that owns WordPress, or at least the commercial version. Automattic also owns WooCommerce, which is another engine that we use a lot in our work at Tankbar. The four reasons below have all contributed to the success that WordPress has amounted to.

Create structure

User-friendly administration

In order for a site to reach it’s full potential, you need a good structure with the content. With our experience with WordPress stretching over ten years into the past, we know a lot about it and use our expertise in order to help our customers. By avoiding over exaggerated and too complex plugins, site builders among other tools you will get a much cleaner and a more aesthetically pleasing site, that will contribute to making it better. We will propose categories, relations and fields that will make your site look better. For example, they can be about the courses that you offer, facilities that you are renting out or other offers you want to be visible around the site. It isn’t rocket science, it’s just smart.

Price effective

The world’s most secure system for the future

Why trust a system that has an owner when you can choose one that we all own? Since WordPress is an Open Source you can sit back and be happy that you chose sustainable, price effective and future-safe system. WordPress currently powers over 30% of the world’s sites. Not only that but the amount of sites using WordPress increases by 50 000 everyday, some big sites, other smaller. That feels good to hear, right?


WordPress talks with other companies

As a programmer the worst thing is being met by a locked and complicated system. But WordPress is the opposite, it’s extremely open and well documented. Because of that reason, there are tons of finished integrations with the majority of world-leading systems and companies. It can be a newsletters system, a CRM system, a store system or E-shopping. If there isn’t anything finished we will create a solution. We have experience going years back when it comes to evolution of different systems and adaptive system solutions for different customers.


Think globally, begin local

Another large pro with WordPress is their ability to get in different scales. For example, it can be about creating more additional sites or adding more languages in the same system solution. Multiple of our customers work in multiple different markets and have their sites translated in multiple languages. In that case it’s obviously very important that tracking tags for google analytics and SEO work as they are supposed to. WordPress is built to handle this and we are ready the second you want to go global with your site.

Wordpress är full av lösningar

How can you use WordPress?

At Tankbar, we always try to see the profit with a new site project. A lot of the work is obviously in the strategy. All of the sites that we work with are supposed to generate affairs, finish or concrete purchases. We will find a good solution, whether you sell projects or services.


Physical or digital products

Through WooCommerce, you will make WordPress a full on E-market with product-care, prices, shipping, VAT, checkout and a payment method. Today, WooCommerce is the fastest growing E-shopping platform.

Booking system

Webcompanies with lead generation.

We currently work with a majority of Sweden’s biggest hotel and conference companies. You could say that we know that industry quite well. We have also worked with Svenska möten since 1996. Booking systems in the conference world are quite complex. By combining customized forms and integrated booking processes, we can help you get a profitable solution.

Lead and converting

Company web with lead generation

It’s very important to present your services so customers know if you’re what they are looking for, our services are presented on our own page on multiple occasions. As a combination of the right strategy and having the main goal in mind, the site will generate leads and potential customers. We help a lot of customers by using different tools and arrangements. That is later on followed up by event-tracking in google analytics and tagging in Google tag manager.

Mobile focus

A river of information with mobile first

Information and accessibility are crucial for Stockholm Skavsta airport. Thanks to good analyses of how their customers act, they, together with Tankbar, managed to create a site with the main focus on searching, structure and navigation. Sometimes, other factors are important, if not a combination of multiple. “Mobile first” is a very well used term and you might have heard a lot. Nonetheless, we believe that 2019 will be mobile, mobile and mobile. Something that WordPress has lived by for a very long time.

This is the lego – What do we mean by it?

We mean that WordPress, in it’s base, is similar to a lego platform. Then it’s all about how you put your lego pieces together, what models and plugins you choose to use, how you build your structure in your theme and code. Yes, talking about WordPress can get very technical, so why stop here? Let’s talk more technology!

En direkt liknelse med att bygga Lego

Almost everything is about the theme

While using WordPress you will work with themes. All the small details are there, it could be anything from the colour, buttons to navigation, and that’s just to name a few. Briefly explained, the theme is what your site will look like. By minimizing functionality and files to all you really need, the security and speed of the site will be drastically improved and basically becomes optimal. It’s also easier to work on and improve a page that is built correctly from the beginning.


Plugins that benefit

It’s very easy to create a couple of plugins and be satisfied that you have solved a bunch of problems. Short term, that is. It’s almost like when you got your first iPhone and went on the app store for the first time. Plugins are very nice, but they can also destroy an entire site if used incorrectly. At Tankbar, we’re very restrictive when it comes to modules and plugins to an extent. We’re all big fans of things like Advanced Custom Fields (ACF pro), Admin Columns Pro, Yoast SEO and Gravity forms.

Structure in coding

Scale away, compile and minimize

WordPress originates in a blog tool, and there are still signs of those times left. By cleaning a code up, we’ll get a cleaner rendering and quicker loading times. Since a few years back, we now work a lot more with modules in our WordPress programming. All CSS-programming happens thanks to a great SCSS structure, which compiles and minimizes. The same thing goes for all customer-adapted Javascript- programming. That way, loading times get shortened and therefore improved, at the same time as the theme gets a very good code structure. The improved code structure also makes it easier to work on another time.


Caching and speed

Speed is very important to us. Although it can be hard, sometimes at least. When we have full control over the theme, plugins, the content as well as it’s structure, our sites run very smoothly. Especially with the help of WordPress-optimized server environment they run in. Nowadays, sites need some form of cachening at almost all times. A term you either know or have only heard about. Shortly described, it means that the server is optimized and set to render and show every view of the page as soon as possible without starting resources on the server that takes time. It basically loads from the cache-memory. Google likes it and the visitors love it. A win-win - Caching!