Tanking Internet since 1996

Every company has a story to tell. A story about how they want to change. About how they want to improve, refine or simplify the process for their customers.

But just having something to say is not enough today. You need to express it, so that people listen, assimilate and become part of the change. You have to put it in context and meet the target audience where it matters. Mostly via the internet.

Tankbar has passionately helped companies and organizations tell their story on the internet since 1996.

We do it in all the channels with the best tools. Always with a strategy that strengthens you, a design that hits the target audience in the best way and with the most optimal technology platforms.

Welcome to Tankbar.
What’s your story?


to make you look good

Often it starts with a pixel. Or a line. Or a color. That evolve and comes to life, which connects and creates meaning. That surrounds and reinforces, that explains and simplifies.

At Tankbar, we stand ready to help you find the design that best suits your purpose. That best explains what you want to say. And that makes you look good.


to make you move

A nice site is nice to have. It’s possible today to build great sites. We can do that, but we firmly believe that it’s not enough to just have a nice site. It will not be enough to do the job. To get your company, your employees and your customers to grow, we need more. It requires specific strategies on how your website looks, what it should contain and what it should radiate.

At Tankbar, we stand ready to help you find the right digital strategy that best supports you in what you want to achieve with your business. And the right strategy for how your customers perceive you.


to the next level

Today is yesterday and tomorrow will soon be today. And there is nothing new about it really. That everything goes fast and that now really is already then. Whatever is standard today in a digital presence is quickly replaced with something else tomorrow.

At Tankbar, we are ready to help you, to not only maintain the digital presence that is right for you today, we will also help you plan for the future.